Here we go! Japan!


This is where it all started! In the mid 70’s my Grandma Betty took a trip to Japan and brought back these two little dollies for me and my sister. Fast forward twenty years and you’d see me unpacking my moving boxes in my new home in Seattle. Somehow, these little teeny tiny guys (1″ tall) made it into those boxes. As I perused Seattle’s antique, thrift, and junk shops I noticed (and purchased) more and more of these dolls. A love of Japanese folk art grew and grew right along with my growing collection of kokeshi dolls. This Spring I will travel to land of kokeshis- JAPAN! This blog will not only showcase the highlights my travels, but it will also chronicle my journey as an artist. Care to join me? I’d love to have you follow along!


2 thoughts on “Here we go! Japan!

  1. Thanks Barbara! Hope your trip to Ohio was lovely. I don’t have any kokeshi dolls from you. Do you collect them? I just remember your INSANELY AWESOME folk art collection, which has served as inspiration for my own growing collection of folk art. I think of you often on my trips to junk shops, museums, and thrift store excursions!


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